Can Biometrics Become a Possibility in the Workplace?

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The physical body and the digital space are becoming more intertwined than ever. Apple has recently released its iPhone X, which will use facial recognition technology to identify the user. Where else will biometrics go as technology increases?

Several applications are being extended to the workplace that use biometric identification such as a fingerprint, facial recognition and more. These systems will help to streamline security, payment and a world of other systems.

Currently, there is one Chinese company known as UrWork that is attempting to create a staff-less experience in their flexible office spaces, using facial recognition as well as digital payment software.

The technology could mean that for businesses, they no longer would have to hire cashiers. Rather, the cash registers would be run by biometric software, needing only a look to identify the consumer.

One consumer stated in response to the UrWork project that “it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the space I’m in adopted biometrics as a payment option.”

The chief creative officer for Bad Agency has been using spaces that are based on security systems for quite some time now, so the addition of biometrics is something that would help in a large way.

The chief creative officer for Bad Agency, Sylvia Flores stated that “being the first adopter of all technology I can get my hands on, I don’t have any fear of biometric markers – frankly, I would be more than happy to get something embedded in my skin to keep me from needing to carry a wallet.”

The amount that biometrics can help across a series of industries is uncanny. Biometrics are the future of security and payment, and are only increasing in popularity as time goes on. Hopefully, the future of security can employ biometrics in their armory.

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