Can Smart Glasses Become Successful?

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Amazon has made history with their widely regarded Alexa personal assistant. The technology may now be utilized in new tech that will be outside the range of just a speaker. According to the report from CES this year “Plenty of devices are being taken over by Alexa, including light switches, TVs, refrigerators, mirrors and cars, but perhaps one of the most exciting additions involves the first-ever, Alexa-powered smart glasses. Enterprise-focused wearable maker Vuzix Corp. (VUZI) is the company behind the glasses, called the Blade, that aims to bring Alexa right in front of your eyes.

The $1,000 glasses are on display at CES in Las Vegas this week, but aren’t expected to ship until the second quarter.” These new devices are not expected to see widespread feasibility given the amount of tech that has done similar things in the past. So what is stopping these tech pieces from being successful? Back in 1997, Vuzix was founded and created a pair of AR glasses that could finally be mass produced. Other attempts from companies such as Google with the Google Glass have tried to mass produce this technology, but it has not been liked as much as they’d hoped.

New tech is coming into the market such as the Blade. This pair of glasses is able to connect to the internet on its own or with a smartphone. The device uses a small floating screen in the corner of the wearers vision, and can work with a series of apps. With being able to use the voice from Alexa, the hopes are high that this new wearable can finally help the market to breakthrough its fear of AR glasses. The hopes are high that this new tech can help to grow the space overall.

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