Can Technology Catch Up With Authenticity?

Artificial Intelligence

For years now many marketers are using technology and things have become even more complex. Obviously this has spurred new interest from firms in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to sending a message to as many people as possible and in the least amount of time.  Technology is not a “sometimes” thing.

So how can someone balance the two tasks of staying ahead of technology while also sending a proper message that is customized to a particular audience?

The first direction to head in would be some type of automation. But then again that may not be as personalized as an authentic message from an actual person.  So the goal is to marry the two together in order to create a unique yet effective user experience. Basically, since automation is not authentic, it makes it very difficult to balance this but since this technology is allowing  organizations to communicate quickly, it’s a viable option for marketers.

Look at artificial intelligence (AI), for example. This is a technology that over fifty percent of marketers look to adopt in the next few years. This has presented a big opportunity to take A-generated information and voice recognition in order to leverage this some way and make communication easier without adding overhead.

In the end, customers crave “the real” person. An authentic conversation can be the difference between building customer loyalty or totally turning off an otherwise loyal customer.  These new AI and automation technologies have a chance to service this “open door” but now it’s time to get it perfected to reflect the “real feel”.

So, when it comes to automation, there’s an art to creating a real user interface while also relying on technology to do the heavy lifting.  Defining the brand personality is key and targeting your consumer are vital.  These are on-going throughout the lifespan of your automation journey.  Constant tweaks and updates are necessary to keep this automated message easily flowing and personalized. Just make sure there is still a human touch.  Maybe it’s letting your users know that you do have automated messages but a live person will be in touch within a certain amount of time.


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