CEO of Biometric Company States His Opinion on the Market

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The President and CEO of FindBiometrics, Dr. Hemand Mardia recently sat down and gave his opinion on where he thinks the market is going in the next couple of years. Mardia is also the CEO of IDEX, which is a significant player in the fingerprint biometric market working with Mastercard. Mardia stated that in regard to the current state of biometrics, “first of all the explosive growth of biometrics in mobile triggered by Apple’s introduction to Touch ID about four years ago.

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We’re now in a situation where biometrics are widely used and adopted in mobile devices; almost every mobile device now has a fingerprint biometric. So first of all, we have great user adoption. People are familiar with using biometrics and getting used to the convenience it enables, not needing to remember PINs and passwords, which is a bane of most people’s lives.” This shows that the prevalence and adoption of biometrics are the most important factors in it becoming widely adopted by the public. The hopes are that one day individuals will not need to use passwords in the traditional sense, and can then simply use their body to unlock their devices in a much safer way than they are used to. Mardia went on to state that he sees “Mastercard as a market maker.

They have been working on a biometric program for a number of years. So, for them, the ability to create and influence the whole ecosystem and really grow adoption which is needed. The market for biometric cards needs a sponsor, and we see Mastercard as being that sponsor.” With the industry on biometrics as a security device proving itself in recent times, there is no doubt that it will continue to grow and shape the security industry as we know it.

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