China is Working on the Largest Facial Recognition Software Database

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China is currently working on a biometric database that uses facial recognition technology to help identify one of the 1.3 billion citizens within only a few short seconds.

The goal of the system is to be able to match the face of a citizen with their ID with only about 90% accuracy. This would ensure a swift and easy recognition system that would work extremely well compared to the current system they have in place.

The software that would be able to recognize over 1.3 billion people, is being developed by the company Isvision. This company stated that it beat out the competition last year to take over the contract. The company, Isvision manufactures security cameras currently that have the ability to recognize facial features and pin them to a specific person. This technology has been in use for over ten years and has been in popular places such as Tiananmen Square. According to the website by the company, the systems are currently in place in many other cities throughout China. The newspaper writing the article about the new technology stated that the system could eventually be interconnected with CCTV networks to help ensure a closed network that uses cloud-based computing to identify and secure certain databases.

With the addition of biometrics across various industries, physical buildings and people are becoming safer. Crime is becoming easier to solve, and the ability for machine’s to recognize a person based on facial features is finding its way in modern society.

The hopes are high that this new technology can help across many business sectors and eventually be in place throughout the country if not the world. If the system works well with the current contract, it would ensure biometric’s place in security and criminal justice for quite some time.

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