Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) Is Launching A Digitization Programme In Support Of The Irish Economy


Ireland is one of those countries, which will be benefiting from digitization programme, which Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) will be launching soon. The Country Digital Acceleration programme aims at supporting and helping improve the levels of digitization in the Irish economy. The primary aim is to enhance the nation’s Project Ireland 2040 plan, which involves social, economic and cultural development. Reports have it that by 2040, Ireland will have an additional one million people working and living in the country. Thus it is necessary to enhance technology.

Digitization has the potential to improve everything

Technology is one of the key elements, which helps in shaping any nation’s economy. It also comes in handy in accelerating and advancing the digital future of any nation. This is the reason why Cisco’s Chief Executive, Chuck Robbins is very positive about the company’s new move.

Robbins says, “Today’s launch of our Country Digital Acceleration programme is our commitment to helping support the nation’s ecosystem of talent, entrepreneurship, and innovation, which are key to creating an inclusive digital Ireland.” The company’s CDA programme will work to incorporate everyone including selected governments around the world.

 Cisco is planning to create 100 new jobs

Cisco established its first footprint in Ireland in 1999. The San Jose-based technology giant has so far 300 staff based in Dublin and Galway and has also incorporated an indirect partnership with N3. Meanwhile, Galway will be tasked with the growth of the Webex portfolio.

While at this, the U.S tech giant will be creating 100 new jobs at its operation in Ireland. Robbins says that Ireland is a country, in which anyone would wish to invest; thanks to its talent. Digitization will apply in infrastructure, industry, and digital skills. The culture and the environment in Ireland will also offer an incredible working morale.

The digital skills will help in equipping tomorrow’s workforce with the necessary innovation. It will also be equipped to embrace the opportunities. On the other hand, digitization will not only support internet connectivity for communities but it will also go a long way in driving critical national infrastructure.


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