What are Cloud-Based Biometrics and How Are They Taking Over the Security World?

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A new report has come out detailing how the new world of cloud-based biometrics could change the way we use security on our devices. A company has created a new series of security solutions that are based on advanced forms of machine learning, biometrics and other breakthrough technologies.

The company Cyber Security TOE states that their goal is “to investigate new and emerging developments that aim to protect the network infrastructure and the resources operating in the network. NST offers strategic insights that would help identify new business opportunities and enhance technology portfolio decisions by assessing new developments and product launches in: anti-spam, anti-virus, phishing, identity management, disaster recovery, firewalls, virtual private networks, end-point security, content filtering, Web application security, authentication and access control, intrusion prevention and detection systems, encryption algorithms, cryptographic techniques, and pattern recognition systems for network security.”

The technology is able to provide a new series of biometric security that is based on the individual person. This is some of the most advanced tech that we have for securing our personal information. The company states that “Highlights of this service include technology roadmapping of network security technologies; IP portfolio analysis; information on funding and investment opportunities; evaluation of commercial opportunities from technology developments; technology assessment; analysis of technology accelerators and challenges and many more.”

As this technology is able to grow even more in proliferation as well as technological advancement, the hopes are high that we will be able to fully adopt the use of biometric security for the future. As people get tired of having to remember every single password for every different website, biometrics will begin to show how much of a place they have in the free market.


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