How Companies Can Incorporate Wearables Into Their Business

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The past several years have seen the wearable market grow by a substantial amount. As new technology and innovation is released the market will continue to grow. A new report has come out detailing how these devices can help create a healthier and more productive work environment. The report comes from the nonprofit known as Health Enhancement Research Organization or HERO. There are some limitations to the study, but the majority seem to be quite beneficial. Jessica Grossmeier, the vice president of research stated that “we see a lot of promise in the use of wearables as a component of a comprehensive workplace wellness program.

Early research supports that a device, on its own, will not change health behaviors over the long term.” The study states that “ including a company-wide gifting of workplace wearables, like smartwatches or fitness bands, into the annual budget. Each employee will have the chance to work on an in-house program without having to put out their own money toward the program in order to do so. If your budget can’t handle such an expense, offer to subsidize every workplace wearable purchased by an employee. This kind of encouragement will likely motivate those workers who are not sure if they are financially ready to jump into such a program without monetary support.”

Another aspect of the study states that in the workplace we should “Encourage all of those participating in your business plan to make workplace wearables work by setting realistic practice goals. Include certain incentives for those employees who are taking part in these office activities.” The hopes are high that this new study can help to grow the market on wearables, as well as make the lives of those in the workplace, easier and healthier for time to come.

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