How a Company is Helping to Stimulate Athletes’ Workouts


One of the biggest issues with exercising is the fact that it can be difficult to track different aspects of the workout, and places where one can improve in their work. A new sensor has come out that slips onto the thigh, that could help runners and those who exercise to figure out how much intensity they are giving and how much potential they have to give more. The company known as Humon, created back in 2015, has just announced a new wearable that helps those who exercise by detecting how much oxygen the muscles are consuming.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is the first time that this data has been able to be collected in real time. According to the site “The Hex works by emitting LED light into your quadriceps. Detectors in the device then measure how intensely the light spreads throughout the muscle to determine the saturation of hemoglobin, or how much oxygen the muscle is using. The device then sends personalized physical data to a phone, watch, or bike-mounted computer, according to Humon.

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That information includes colored zones that prescribe the best pace and intensity for your activity; the muscle oxygen measurement; and clinically validated data.” The CEO of the company, Alessandro Babini stated recently that “The wearable market for athletes to date has been dependent on measuring heart rate, which is a very limited indicator of fatigue and workout intensity. By measuring the amount of oxygen that a muscle group is using, athletes can reach the optimum workout intensity level without exceeding their limits.” The hopes are high that this company, founded on the principle of innovation, will help to change the way we go about our daily lives, making working out easier for all.


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