Consumers Are Becoming More Comfortable With the Idea of Biometrics


The company Worldpay has recently written a report detailing the habits of consumers. The report shows that consumers are finding more and more comfortability with the idea of using biometrics as a way to securely be identified for everything from payments to identity verification. Fingerprint identification is quickly becoming the most popular form of biometric identification, and companies are working to build infrastructure to increase its use.

The study that occurred recently found that a whopping 63% customers said they’re open to the idea of using biometrics as a way to pay when shopping in stores. 69% of consumers said that they’re specifically open to the use of fingerprint scanning.

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With Apple unveiling new technology that utilizes biometric identification and authentication, the use of this technology is becoming more and more widespread.

The chief marketing officer of Wordplay was recently quoted stating that “suddenly it isn’t so scary anymore. Yes, it may be more secure, but actually if that means the purchasing experience is just that much more slick and that much quicker, then people are willing to embrace it.”

At the technology becomes more widespread throughout the retail world, there still consumers I would rather be face-to-face with another person than use biometric identification.

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The report also found that customers in an older age range prefer to pay with a physical person after shopping experience then a computer or a system that uses artificial intelligence.

The report also detailed the 13% of those responded said choose not to interact with employees in the store, and 37% said they only interact with the store employee if they need help with the experience overall.

With the proliferation of biometrics becoming widespread, it is only a matter of time before stores utilize this new form of technology.


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