Is Any Data on a Wearable, Good Data?

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One of the best ways that one can improve themselves, is through knowledge about their individual self. The wearable tech industry has helped individuals to improve different aspects about their lives with information they never before have been able to track. A new study is coming out to help the wearable medical tech industry. The new type of device is something known as a a self-quantifying device, or a fitness tracker.

These have been around for quite some time, but these new devices can almost track any part of our lives. The idea that a toothbrush could let us know if we are doing a good enough job brushing our teeth, or anything similar, could effectively change the way we interact with the world. The question with this information continues to be whether or not any information can be considered good information. One of the main issues with this continues to be the amount of accuracy with the devices. If the information coming from a given device is inaccurate, it is essentially useless. This became the case with several pedometers.

Certain pedometers were tracking hundreds of steps more than the other trackers, leading to a high level of uncertainty as to which products were actually accurate. The wearable industry has become a large beneficiary of the medical industry. With the combination of the two, the tech that can be produced is incredibly effective. If these devices can become more and more accurate with time, patients who need help with specific sects of their illness, can turn to these new devices to let them know certain metrics about their body. If the tech is able to be improved to a level with extreme accuracy and mainstream adoption, there’s no telling where the industry could go.

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