Download ‘Moments’ App or $FB will Delete Your Photos?


Facebook is continuing to push users to install its private photo-sharing app Moments. The social media giant’s newest move- warning users that some of their photos will be deleted unless they install Moments- has managed to make the app number one on the Apple App Store. Users are given a deadline of July 7th to move to Moments, or to download their synced albums. After that, Facebook will delete the “Synced Photos” album, says Facebook. The are using push notifications to spread the word, and can also be seen on the synched album page on the app. Facebook has also sent emails to users telling them to install the app.

Many Facebook users don’t even know they have a Synced album, but photo syncing began in 20112, where Facebook allowed users to automatically copy all their smartphone photos onto a private album on Facebook. The idea was that if the photos are already uploaded, it will be easy to find them later and share them with friends. These photos are stored in Synced (in the Facebook App). This is the album that will disappear, not your photos or Facebook photos uploaded from a mobile device. Many are angry to install yet another Facebook App, after being pushed to install Messenger.

This “forced” download is a tactic that has been working for the communications company. Facebook previously pushed all of their users to download Messenger, after removing its chat option from the main app back in 2014. This made Messenger one of the top apps in the App Store, a move that came at a critical time, considering Facebook was trying to acquire WhatsApp, a company with a $19 billion valuation. Some people do continue the day to day without downloading Messenger, through a loophole which users can log onto through a browser app. However Facebook now tells users that “your conversations are moving to Messenger,” which will be disabled this summer.

What was once a suggestion is now turning into a demand; move to Moments, or your photos will be deleted. As expected, the app has shot up from being ranked in the 90s to now number one on the iTunes App Store, where it has remained for a couple of days. It isn’t mandatory however, so the choice is still up to the user, for now.


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