Event in Calgary Showcases New Biometric Wearable Technology

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A new start-up out of Calgary recently unveiled a robot that can send data to a central computer system, allowing individual to view different physical sites from a remote location.

The robot could be able to help oil and gas companies detect problems in their infrastructure before they are even found or begin to happen. This is yet another play by the oil industry to build out technology that will help to ensure they don’t lose funds off of projects that could end poorly for them.

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This area is extending into the wearable tech industry. One of the main aspects of all these industries continues to be how well they can implement robotics into their business model. with varying degrees of expertise, those who are in the robotics industry are beginning to take their ideas into the mainstream. Kristy Dixon, who handles communications for the start-up stated that, “it’s a place where we can collaborate and even work with other people in Calgary. We have a downtown office, but it’s in a high-rise building, where you can’t really be banging things and making robots and getting the job done.”

The warehouse is the main idea of the startup known as FUSE33, which invested all of their money to help create a better do-it-yourself workshop. The hopes are that this company can help individuals with day to day tasks and eventually be a big player in the tech and wearable industry that will be here to stay.

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The industry on wearable tech is something that has sparked a lot of interest in the past few years as more and more have decided to enter the space. As the industry continues to grow, so will the amount of technology being sent and received from the companies who are involved.


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