Is Face ID a Replacement to Traditional Biometrics?

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Over the past few weeks, users have been able to test the success of Apple’s latest biometric sensor, face ID. Those users have stated their initial opinions and the reviews are in. The initial response to the idea that Apple would have a facial recognition sensor was quite subdued, but people were not fully opposed to the idea, and seemed to be in favor of the technology. Given that the facial recognition software is supposed to be extremely secure, and almost 100 times more secure than touch ID, there is no reason why anyone would be opposed to it. The only issue seemed to be, how well it would work.

Around 45% of participants in a study stated that the facial recognition would not be viable enough to replace traditional touch identification prior the release of the phone. Apple is not the first to use this technology on a smartphone, and the technology is certainly not new, but given the widespread cult following of the company, it is a big deal that the phones are using it. One of the first company’s to use this technology on a phone was Samsung with the Galaxy Note 8.

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The facial recognition on this did work quite well, but it was soon found out that it could be spoofed by a simple picture of the user. Apple’s phone uses a different type of biometric identifier, by projecting infrared lights onto the users face where they can then create essentially a facial map that works with 3D rather than just the face alone. Biometrics have become a widely adopted technology over the past year or so, with the uses increasing every day. As more and more people become comfortable with the technology, it will be interesting to see where it goes as time goes on.


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