Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB)’s Leaked Memo Reveals Discussions Of Its Strategy To Grow Despite The Costs


An internal memo written by Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB)’s longest-tenured execs and published by BuzzFeed seems to have tainted the company’s name. The executive, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, also viewed as CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s closest colleague claims that Facebook’s drive is towards connecting more people and that user safety is not of importance.

The memo has received different interpretations some positive and others negative. For example, a positive interpretation outlines a scenario of someone finding love through the use of the platform. On the other hand, a negative interpretation outlines a scenario of someone being exposed to bullies. A worst case scenario is someone dying in a terrorist attack planned and coordinated using the platform’s tools.

But Zuckerberg has condemned the memo

With the BuzzFeed’s story having gone live resulting into mixed reactions, Bosworth says that it the intention was not to cause any friction. Instead, it was supposed to bring to the surface issues which called for further discussion.

However, Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg has expressed disapproval of the memo citing that the company is in its mission. He says, “This was one that most people on Facebook including myself disagreed with strongly. We’ve never believed the ends justify the means.” The CEO further emphasizes that Facebook is not just after connecting people but it also has the best interests of its users at heart.

What next for Tech Company? Will it survive the fear people have about Silicon Valley?

Zuckerberg may downplay the memo with his justification that the company mission and focus are in line. Facebook may also have earned itself a credible reputation over the years. However, the memo it is already out there and it is likely to determine or influence people’s thoughts about big tech companies.

While Bosworth may have been trying to bring out the positive side of the company’s intention, it may fuel a disconnection from followers. It is also likely to make it very hard to win user trust if people decide to take the memo seriously. Nonetheless, Zuckerberg emphasizes on the need for executives to comprehend the impact tech companies bring to the world.


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