Facial Recognition is the Hottest New Biometric

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After police in London tried a new facial recognition system, the results were staggering. With results from the police surveillance system leading to the arrest of several individuals, it seems like facial recognition technology could be on the rise.

The software is not yet fully ready to be adopted by the public on an extreme wide scale due to some scalability issues but it does seem to have a place in the current world.

Since their are three billion different DNA characters just in the first human genome, it can be extremely difficult to recognize someone from just facial recognition technology. Adding another layer to this software could be the key to making it work. Various scientists have been working on a way to incorporate the use of DNA as a biometric authentication and security system. Using genome analysis could become the newest way that large cities and corporations verify their consumers and workers.

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Biometrics have become all the rage over the course of the past year. With the most popular of those being fingerprint scanning, other forms have begun to enter the market space. Given the increased need for security as fraud is rising across the world, it seems like biometrics have a large space to fill in the world market.

Companies like Apple have helped to revolutionize the world of biometrics by showing the public that it can in fact work on a large scale. One of the largest issues with biometrics is in fact the scalability of such a product, but as time goes on, this problem is being solved. The hopes are high that new technology like the aforementioned one, incorporating multiple sources of data as opposed to just one, could help to shape and reshape the world of security and individual verification as we know it.


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