Facial Recognition: New Age For Biometrics

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How Facial Recognition is Shaping the World of Biometrics

Since Apple’s recent unveiling of the iPhone X, Apple has brought upon a new era of security with facial recognition technology. This can be used for paying, unlocking and many more options on the device. It is a large bet to place on security, but in the end if it is successful, may change the face of security (no pun intended).

Apple has a long-noted history of releasing futuristic technologies with their products that are slightly later than other tech companies. This seems to be the case with facial biometrics. The technology has undoubtedly been around for years, and is currently available on phones such as the Galaxy S8 by Samsung. However, the technology has not worked extremely well since it can be spoofed easily by for example, holding a picture of the owner’s face to the phone.

Apple has stated that their technology will use a large amount of sensors to ensure that the face is in fact the owners. The phone also uses an infrared light to project lights onto the face so as to make more points to help identify the user. Apple has stated that there is a one in a million chance that someone could use your phone accidentally. Apple also tested the feature on extremely realistic masks so that it would also no the tricked by that method as well.

Anil Jain, who is a professor at Michigan state University studying computer vision and biometric recognition has stated that using light to capture three dimensions has been employed since the 1980s. This doesn’t mean that it is not an incredible feat for the company to make it work on a large scale. Jain stated that “having everything working on a mobile phone is quite amazing.”

The hopes are high that this technology can be employed to other uses as well as the future goes along.

Now is the time to start looking into this industry. We’ve got a new company that has found itself in the middle of this revolutionary trend and we will soon be delivering more details to cover this for the long-term!


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