$FB Disables Mobile In-App Messaging


Facebook is removing the messaging capability from its mobile web application. Facebook is sending notices that read “We’re moving your conversations to messenger! ”At the moment, you can just dismiss the notice and go about your business. But this summer the warning will become an impenetrable wall, and your only option will be to download the official Messenger app. People who can’t upgrade to the latest version of OS, must access via the web.

And really, it strikes me as quite a hostile move, as it did before when they axed messaging from the main app. The usual excuse, which I am expecting to receive at any moment from Facebook PR, whom I contacted for details, is that the company wants to provide the best possible experience in messaging, and the Messenger app is the platform on which they’ve chosen to provide it. So basically if you want their services, you have to switch to the messenger app.

There are differences in the core experiences of the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook — that’s okay! It’s perfectly fine that posts look different, you interact with things differently and certain features are absent or less easily accessed. Messaging shouldn’t be any different. This should be the case with messaging as well. Just offer the text chat. Your users will thank you, and it’s really not going to hurt Messenger’s growth. By all means, advertise Messenger on top of the message feed, or point out that some content will be missing. Messenger is more full-featured! You can do video, and stickers! In the end, the decision to switch should be the users’. Facebook has always built a strong following by trust and by making users switch to the messenger app that “trust” is violated.


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