$FB Giving Guided Tours Of 360 Videos


The social networking website Facebook is now concentrating on their 360-degree videos and making them easier to navigate. There is a new guide feature introduced in the social network, which will allow the users to highlight any specific part of the video. This can be done before posting the video. Recently Facebook has updated their publisher tool with a bunch of different new features for the page owners. The page owners now can see detailed statistics about their readers and their interaction with the video content of your pages.

The new features in the social network will help their users to watch the clips for finding interesting parts in the video. So, watching the spherical clips of the video instead of watching the 360-degree video it will make users less intuitive.

While using the new tool, the users can identify any part of the clip to which they want their visitor’s attention while watching the video. Whenever the guide appears on the screen of the video and enabled, the posted video will be moved to a particular point where you want your visitors to look. This is a default option which can be turned off by the visitors of your page and video.
The social network is also giving a tool for analyzing which part of the video is most watched. If your video got 50,000 views, then Heatmap will track your 360-video and will provide visualization based on the most viewed parts of your 360-degree video.

The page owners will also be able to keep tracking whether the views on the view came directly or coming from any of the page or post use shares. If you love to interact with the audience by going LIVE on Facebook, then let me tell you that new Facebook analytics tool will track the moments from your Live video in which people get more engaged with you by doing comments, reactions, and likes.


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