Finland May be Next Government to Use Biometrics for Security


The government in Finland has been setting up and working on a new system based off of biometrics to help with identifying its population. The system is being worked on by a group of scientists that will examine whether or not the current ID system can be replaced with one based off of biometrics.

A communications law professor at the University of Helsinki, Korpisaari, has stated that Finland has not run out of ID numbers, but simply could benefit off of the ease of using biometrics to register identifications of the public.

The system that was created in 1964 uses six digits to indicate the person’s date of birth, and then three numbers to identify the user’s gender. This system is wired deeply into the country, and has become slightly problematic as the number of transgender individuals has increased.

The new ID system could be a breakthrough for the small country. Instead of using traditional ID numbers, the country would be able to identify them with a biometric sensor. The sensor could be anything from a fingerprint to a retina scan. This would be non-invasive, but ultimately easier and quicker for the public.

If the new system is used, the group will have to figure out whether or not they will keep the current system of ID numbers in place, or replace them. Korpissari has stated that “they may have received several different electronic identities which they use with various authorities. We are considering whether we should include a biometric identifier to eliminate this problem.”

Biometrics have become the way of the future, and are quickly being implemented across the world as a way of increased security and better tracking of the individual. With countries like Finland implementing a system using biometrics, it is only a matter of time before larger companies take note.

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