How the Fitbit is Becoming a Stylish Accessory

fitbit wearable medical device

Fitness trackers have become all the rage in the tech world over the course of the past few years. With many individuals now deciding to get into the space given the price drops as technology has gotten better, Fitbit has managed to remain as a top player in the market. One of the main issues with these devices that consumers have sighted continues to be the design aspect. Customers want a wearable that they can look good wearing, as well as it having a high amount of utility to it.

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For this reason, many of the top wearable companies have begun to release new devices that resemble jewelry more than they do fitness trackers. One of the newest versions of this is the Fitbit Flex 2. The Flex 2 can be removed and placed in a wide array of cases, leaving the options fully up to the user to interpret. The Flex 2 is also swim-proof which is something that separates it from the majority of the industry. The device is able to monitor several different factors about the body. As it adds more usability to the user, the consumers will likely be able to get into the space and have an easier time with the devices on a daily basis.

Like mentioned previously, one of the largest issues in this market has been the price of the devices themselves. As the technology for these devices has increased dramatically over the past few years, the prices have also dropped. The average price for these devices continues to be in the $100-$200 range, which makes it extremely accessible for most individuals. The hopes are high that this continuous innovation will help the market on wearable tech to continue to grow as we get deeper into the new year.


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