FitBit has Been Chosen for a New Study

fitbit wearable medical device

Fitbit has been chosen out of of several options including Apple and Xiaomi, for a new study on how wearable medical devices can help the users. Fitbit came out on top in a study of which product is the favorite wearable amongst users for the medical research world, chosen by the National Institute of Health, All of Us research program.

The All of Us project is a project that is nationwide and will collect data and different biometric factors of the user to help figure out knowledge on health factors of a massive study group. The goal with the study is to understand how individual differences in lifestyle contribute to health effects on that individual. With the data, the scientists will be able to deduce new treatment plans and prevention plans as well.

The study is being run by the Scripps Translational Science Institute, where they selected Fitbit products for their possibility of uses in the biomedical research field. The study found out that Fitbit products were the most-used wearables for the biomedical industry. The study also showed that around 89% of published work featuring the wearable industry used the Fitbit for the studies. In around 470 of the published studies thus far, “the Fitbit devices selected track a combination of physical activity, sleep, and heart rate parameters,” Eric Topol, Founder and Director of STSI, said in a statement.

“The popularity of Fitbit devices among millions of Americans, combined with their ease of use, including multi-day battery life and broad compatibility with smartphones, made Fitbit a natural choice for this pilot program.” The program will distribute around 10,000 Fitbit devices to the participants in the study, where they will then track several aspects of the users lives to present a larger picture on various factors.


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