How FitBit is Taking Over the Wearable Medical Industry

fitbit wearable medical device

Fitbit has become one of the leading wearable medical tech companies throughout the industry. A new program known as the White House All of Us Research Program is helping to develop new precision medical devices to ease the lives of those who need it. Back in 2015, the initiative was created to help understand the effect of individual characteristics on different diseases.

These characteristics can be tracked through a series of biometric identifiers. As they collect more data, they will be able to help assess different conditions in better ways. Around 10,000 devices have been created and supplied to the Scripps Translational Science Institute by Fitbit to help with the data collection.

The results will help to change how fitbit devices are created as time goes on. Adam Pellegrini, the general manager of Fitbit health solutions stated that “as part of the global shift towards precision medicine, wearable data has the potential to inform highly personalized healthcare. Through this historic initiative, we will be able to see the role that FitBit can play on the path to better understanding how individualization can help to prevent and treat disease.

The choice to participate in the study was done based on the popularity of the company and the bialy they have to contribute to the medical wearable industry. Fitbit has been attempting to make a shift into the healthcare sector, especially given the release of the new smartwatch.

With the tech side of the smartwatch industry going mostly to Apple, Fitbit has seen a niche in the market that they may be able to fill by providing advanced devices that are aimed towards the medical side of the industry. The medical wearable industry is something that is finding a large amount of popularity throughout the course of the rest of 2017.


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