The Future of Next Biometrics


A new type of biometric could authenticate your smartphone with nothing more than just a drop of sweat. A biochemist and assistant professor at the University of Albany, Dr. Jan Halamek, is attempting to work on a concept for biometric authentication that would allow for just that. This new biometric authentication type could effectively combat that of facial recognition and the likes of other biometric identifiers.

The approach to this new type of biometric identifier relies on the use of amino acids that are found in the secretion of ones skin. A phone could effectively use these compounds found in the user to help identify the users identity. Halamek explained that the device can be unlocked through an “obvious connection of metabolized and fluctuating levels.

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The device will sense them, and say ‘that’s my owner.’” As metabolizing levels change based on different factors in the body such as eating or exercising, the device would still be able to tell the individual based on their bodily fluid. He stated that “we are unique and we metabolize. It’s a dynamic process, but metabolized levels change.”

The scientists plan to build a profile on the user that would use a monitoring period to help identify the user on a consistent basis. The lab is still working on how often the device would have to recalibrate the device in order to maintain consistent accuracy for authentication. Authentication has been a large issue in the past few months as the need for increased security counties to present itself.

Halamek stated that “I’m asked a lot, ‘what if people steal my swear’, the answer is that it would work, but not for long. The sweat will begin to decompose and will not stay stable.” Hopefully, forms of security will continue to change the way we use our devices as time goes on.


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