Garmin Just Introduced a New Wearable


The new product by Garmin known as the Vivoactive 3 has helped to grow the market on wearables by a substantial amount. For quite some time, many individuals in the space were either stuck between the Apple Watch or the Fitbit. The two devices mentioned above have lacked one quintessential feature: they don’t store music. According to a report on the new tech piece by Garmin “The Forerunner 645 Music has 3.5GB of storage that can hold approximately 500 songs, which is more than the Fitbit Ionic’s 300 song limit. The 645 Music can pair with Bluetooth earbuds and also supports music transferred from a computer or a music streaming service.

According to Garmin, paid subscribers of iHeartRadio’s streaming service can download saved playlists to the Forerunner 645 Music (Garmin plans on supporting other music streaming services in the future, but iHeartRadio is the first).” The device will also be able to download items on its own from different computer sources. This is quite shocking to think that Garmin has not made a wearable with this advanced of technology up until this point. Many of the wearables that they have created have been made for fitness and different aspects of sports, so music has not been a priority of the company until now.

Now that they have added this feature, many customers will begin to choose this new option for purchasing their very first wearable. The market on wearable tech has been growing at an alarming rate. With new technology and innovation in the space being released on quite a regular basis, the amount of options in the space will continue to grow. The hopes are high that these new devices can help individuals to lead healthier and more productive lives as new tech continues to come out.

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