Google Alphabet Inc Class A (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Has Redesigned Its Account To Incorporate Revamped Security And Privacy Options


Android users will soon have a new experience of navigation around their accounts; thanks to Google Alphabet Inc Class A (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s new features. The tech giant is reviewing its security and privacy options. The aim of the move is to give users assurance of the safety following the recent cases of unsafe access to personal data. The review includes a revamped and more prominent account page. It will feature an enhanced search bar function, a well laid out support section, a Data & Personalization tab.

According to Google Account’s product manager, Jan Hannemann the new search functionality will make it easy for the users to find their settings. On the other hand, the users will have maximum interaction with the new support section, where they can engage with common tasks such as upgrading storage. However, the new experience will be available for Android users at the beginning although plans are underway to have it launched on iOS and web later in the year.

How will the new features operate?

The intuitive design will grant Google account users easy access to their privacy options. Apparently, the Google Account update incorporates visual changes, which are in line with Google’s own Material Design standards. Additionally, users will have the option of choosing the pieces of data activity saved on their accounts; thanks to the availability of the Data & Personalization tab.

The “Privacy Checkup” feature will enable the review of privacy settings while at the same time explain what the setting will offer to their Google experience. Experts have also confirmed that a comprehensive summary of information associated with the user’s account will be made available.

In short, every update has something to offer as Hannerman explains, “When you have a problem but don’t quite know what to look for, you can access a new dedicated support section as well.”

The most interesting thing about the new updates is that Google will be providing prompt notices about the user’s accounts. It will also give suggestions on how to improve the user experience. For example, it would suggest the removal of unverified apps, which seem risky to the account.

The changes are in response to growing user data privacy concerns

Reports have it that close to 20 million people visit their account settings on a daily basis. Hence, the reason Google found it necessary to get things right with a constant improvement. On the other hand, there has been a series of data privacy concerns the access to private information on various accounts. To correct this, many tech companies have magnified their operations and are revamping their security features. Enhancement of security options is also expected to attract more investors and users to the platform and it remains to be seen what other changes Google is likely to bring on board.


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