How a Hand Wave May Be The Only Password You Need

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Former employees from Leap Motion may have solved the problem behind authentication and passwords. Under the advisement of Redrock Biometrics, the new technology will replace hopefully revolutionize identification cards pin numbers, passwords, and voice identification technologies with a grouping of off-the-shelf hardware and their own proprietary software.

The chairman of Redrock Biometrics, Lenny Kontsevish stated that there may be a various amount of applications that the authentication technology can be applied to. The various markets that this technology can affect include virtual worlds, physical security, and cash withdrawals amongst a myriad of other transitions.

Kontsevich recently stated that “you can think about the palm as a very large fingerprint. It has a rich structure and can be captured by any camera touchlessly.” After Kontsevich worked on a startup known as Kaching!, he went on to use similar software algorithms to form a system that uses palm prints as the signature for authentication and the basis for Redrock Biometrics.

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Kontsevich stated that “there is no other commercially available palm biometric which works with RGB camera.”

The technology will either run on a client or a server that will match the biometric with the database accordingly. The hopes are that the speed of the authentication will be from 10-100 milliseconds depending on how fast the CPU speed is. The benefit of biometrics over fingerprint or isis scanners is that the palm scanning technology does not need to utilize any special technology like other biometrics need.

Konsevich stated that “the beauty of our approach is it’s secure and works across all devices that have a camera. That provides a breadth of applications that can start with online, banking, or an ATM.” With biometrics becoming the new standard for security, any new technology is likely to help the market progress as a whole.


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