How the Health Industry is Being Revolutionized 

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The industry of preventative and therapeutic care is being changed by the digital world of technology. Engineers are coming up with mind-blowing technologies to help in every sector of the health industry.

The recent trend of artificial intelligence, neural networks, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, wearables, and internet of things, are helping to change the current technological era we are in. 

The healthcare system we currently use is based on copious amounts of data for each individual patient. This has been a system that has not changed much since the mid to early 1900s with some offices still keeping paper records.

With the digital age, scientists have now been able to help out in the healthcare sector by inventing new methods of keeping data and tracking an individual patient’s lifestyle. The newest trend in the industry is the use of wearable tech.

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The amount of data to be entered is a challenge that is being overcome by engineers and scientists. The current landscape of large data works in essentially two systems.

The first system goes off of the internet of things framework, which uses a series of algorithms to help doctors become more informed. By using the framework of interconnectedness, patients can better be understood by their physicians. 

The new era of technology in healthcare is based off of the use of biometrics and systems that can help categorize patients in a better more efficient way. New technology is being created everyday to help doctors and patients communicate in a more effective and easy way.

Biometrics seem to be integrating themselves into the future of various industries and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. In the world of biotech, wearables seem to be the next generation of technology to integrate information with the physical patient.


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