How Healthclubs are Utilizing Wearable Technology


Many fitness studios have begun to adopt wearable technology related to the health of the customer and the employees at the expense of the fitness clubs. Most of these boutique studios have showed interest in the technology and currently account for 42% of the fitness market as a whole.

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The results driven from group-oriented fitness environments shows that this type of working out can be the most beneficial. With all the money these clubs are gaining, the managers are looking to see how they can incorporate technology in better ways in the clubs. One of the best kinds of technology is known as wearable tech. These pieces of tech can include heart rate monitors among others. Many customers like to see and track their progress in real life and instantly, so they can compare it to how they were in the past.

This can also help to drive consumers back to the gym if they can get the immediate satisfaction of seeing their progress. These wearable devices create not only a sense of community, but they also create a large amount of accountability for the health club itself. Some clubs have even begun to show the heart rate data on large television screens. This can help to encourage others to work harder and to make the most of their workouts.

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With the addition of this technology, gym goers can use their smartphones as well to track their progress with the help of the wearable biometric sensors. These sensors help to identify if the members of the gym are in fact making progress and can help the gym to determine how successful certain workouts are versus others. The hopes are high that this new technology can help the market to grow exponentially, and continue the meteoric rise of wearable technology.


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