International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Commences Cloud Private For Data To Enhance Enterprise Deployment


International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) announced recently that it has launched an integrated private cloud platform to help improve various enterprise deployments. The company is using its own Data Science Elite team to assist the business enterprises to set up their machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at no extra fee for instalment.

Last week, Big Blue announced its plans to provide additional pre-packaged and incorporate data science instruments into the analytics platform for Cloud Private for Data, which is the IBM’s integrated app designed to help organizations to gain knowledge in handling data for IoT sensors, e-commerce, mobile data and much more.

According to a study conducted by Synergy Research Group Inc., IBM is the world’s third largest firm providing cloud services with Microsoft taking the second position, while Amazon Web Services Inc is leading in the industry with about 40% of the market share.

However, IBM emerges as the strongest competitor in the Cloud Private for Data and manufactures its own hardware and software unlike other firms including Google, Microsoft, and AWS that rely heavily on third-parties to maintain their portfolios. IBM provides its customers a one-stop-shop for all the cloud needs, while other cloud providers need to integrate with other partners.

The company stated that the new Cloud Private for Data will operate on various clouds and it’s applicable to a number of industries including the financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and others. The platform is specifically designed to introduce flexible and elastic public cloud infrastructure to the on-premises data centers.

Recently, IBM launched a cloud security platform for Kubernetes, allowing the firm to have additional enterprise devices for logging, monitoring and metering data. The platform is designed to help business enterprises to develop their own hybrid cloud applications that can shift easily between public clouds and data center.

In addition, the company offers software applications for various enterprise solutions such as data ingestion, DB2 Warehouse, IBM Governance Catalog, DB2 Database and much more. The applications built on the IBM’s Cloud Private for Data are also micro-service-based to allow for easy upgrades in the future.


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