Industry on Smart Wearables is Getting Larger Than Ever

smart wearable technology

Smart wearables have become a large part of many people’s day to day lives. The worldwide shipments of wearable devices recently reached around 26.3 million units during the third quarter of 2017, which represents a 7.3% increase year over year.

The market has also shown a large interest in smart wearables, or devices that can run third-party apps without the difficulty of having to carry around a larger device. “The differing trajectories for both smart and basic wearables underscore the ongoing evolution for the wearables market,” IDC research manager Ramon Llamas said in a statement.

The IDC reported in August that the second quarter of 2017 was the first time that the market on wearables in the basic category, had declined. This means that devices such as smartwatches like the Apple watch, and other devices of that category have grown by as much as 60%.

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This is not to say that the industry on smart wearable tech has always been solid. The market declined by over 50% during the third quarter of 2016, as reported by the IDC last October. Recent numbers however show that this is changing at a rapid pace.

In the report, the two leaders in the industry continued to be Fitbit and Xiaomi, which Apple landing in the third place spot. With the third version of its Apple Watch, that position may be changing in the near future. The senior research analyst at IDC, Jitesh Ubrani, stated that “consumers don’t want their devices to just tell them how many steps they’ve taken. They want a device that can tell them how to improve their lives.” The hopes are high that this market can continue to grow at a rapid speed as the end of the year comes and goes.


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