Intel Just Created the Next Big Wearable

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Many individuals have stated that the Google Glass was a complete failure, that failed to be adopted by the broader market. Others have stated that this technology may have just been ahead of its time, but either way a new article recently came out showing how a new product by Intel could effectively take over where Google left off. The report states that, “When we look at what types of new devices are out there, [we are] really excited about head-worn [products],” says Itai Vonshak, head of products for [Intel’s New Devices Group]. “Head-worn products are hard because people assign a lot of attributes to putting something on their head. It means something about their personality.”

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The phrase wearable technology is one that covers everything from devices that purely work to enhance performance in exercising, to the medical industry. This industry has been growing extremely quickly, and more and more individuals have been getting into the space given the high amount of tech being created. According to many reports, the industry on wearable tech will grow substantially over the course of the next year to half a decade.

The new device by Intel will work by shutting a low-powered laser into the eye. When the user is wearing them, they will see a stream of information on what appears to be a screen, but it is simply a projection into the retina. This device could effectively work to replace the smartphones that we carry with us on a regular basis. Although this does seem like the future of the wearable industry, it will likely be quite some time before the device is able to hit the market. The hopes are high that new devices like this will continue to change the way that we interact with the world for time to come.


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