How the Internet of Things Industry is Merging with Wearables

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A company out of Australia has been working to create a new device that would likely provide a high amount of connectivity to the user, allowing them to make payments and track certain movements with just a simple wearable. The device is known as Halo and it is as simple as a ring won on the finger. The device uses a NFC chip that is also found inside most debit and credit cards, which means that it can be used as a device to pay with in person. The ring currently comes in black and white and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Halo is not the first type of internet of things device to come out of Australia. Devices such as the SmartCup, have NFC chips in them, allowing the user to essentially use them to pay for anything. These devices can also track certain metrics such as in the cups case; tracking the amount of water the user is drinking throughout the day. Both the Halo and the SmartCup are examples of the new trend that is the internet of things. This term simply means that devices that are being created now are all able to be connected in some way via the internet, making life easier for the user and simpler for everyone.

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We have become incredibly accustomed to this idea of using all of our everyday objects to make daily tasks easier. Given that the market on wearable technology is quite new relative to the larger tech industry, only time will tell how well these devices do on the commercial market. The hopes are high that these devices can continue to offer solutions to our lives make everyday tasks easier and more convenient for all to use.


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