Some of the Issues With Facial Identification

facial recognition

One of the newest forms of biometrics identification to hit the mainstream market is that of facial recognition. Facial recognition is the use of infrared sensors and facial mapping, that together produce an accurate image of the face that can be used for identification and authentication purposes.

The new iPhone X has utilized this form of technology by employing it for the initial form of security on the front home screen.

With this great technology comes an array of issues that many users don’t fully realize. Some reviewers have been critical of the technology and have made a few suggestive remarks on it.

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One of the issues with the technology is the issue of identical twins. Since identical twins are just that, this could pose a problem to security. Results of a test using 8-year-old triplets showed that the system could be defeated. The study stated that “the three seemed far more excited about defeating the system than afraid their brothers might one day break into their iPhones.” As this does not pose a large threat, it is definitely something to prove that the technology is not perfect.

Another issue occurs when using the technology in lighting that is not perfect. Although Apple’s system works exceptionally in varying lighting conditions, some do not work as well. One biometric expert Kevin Bowyer stated that “sure, there is probably something in some extreme conditions— maybe high noon in Death Valley or something. But I will be surprised if anyone had documented any large problem in normal sunny conditions.”

This new technology obviously comes with some drawbacks, but that is not likely to deter most users from buying into it. With new technology comes advancements being made every day, and as more technological advancements are introduced, the technology will continue to get better.


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