How L’Oreal is Getting Into the Wearable Industry


Many individuals throughout the world have high concerns about the sun’s effect on their skin. This is something that has long been an issue and as skin cancer becomes more prevalent, many could benefit from a way to monitor how much exposure they are getting from the sun and what they can do to change that. A new wearable device from the beauty brand L’Oreal has come out with the hopes of being the first stretchable UV-sensing skin patch. The technology was developed within the companies own team of scientists.

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The device, which is being known as the My UV Patch was essentially an experiment to help give consumers an easy way to monitor how much sun they are getting. As the technology became more and more feasible, the technology has shown that it has a place in the greater tech world. According to the company “The UV Sense is a circular, nail-sized sticker that’s little more than a UV sensor and an antenna. Unlike most other wearables, it’s completely batteryless; the sensor is powered by near-field communications and only transmits data when you place your phone near the sensor. Developed in partnership with Northwestern University, UV Sense now boasts the title of world’s smallest wearable.”

The global vice president of L’Oreal’s technology incubator, Guive Balooch stated that “we knew that nail art was booming, we thought that could be really interesting. The reason is more for the nail than the sensor. The nail is a living part of your body. UV gel or nail art usually lasts about two weeks.” The positioning of the device on the nail is a strategic one to keep the device on the body in a prevalent location. The hopes are high that this new technology can help individuals have an easier time monitoring their sun exposure.


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