L’Oreal Could be Moving Into the Wearable Space

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The brand L’Oreal has released the news that they are working on their very first wearable device. This is a large step for the wearable market as many large companies are beginning to develop their own versions of the tech. Showcased at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show “UV Sense looks to help consumers keep track of how much sunlight users are exposed to – and encourage them to protect themselves against harmful UV rays. The beauty giant says the device is the first battery-free electronic UV sensor, and marks L’Oréal’s official launch into the wearables market.

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It works like this: UV Sense is less than 2mm thick and is designed to be worn on the thumbnail, which L’Oréal calls the “optimal” place for measuring sunlight. It measures individual UV exposure and provides real time information, stores up to three months’ worth of data and shows trends of exposure over time. Through an accompanying mobile app, wearers can access information indicating when they should be mindful of their UV exposure and therefore apply more sunscreen or seek out the shade.” This new technology adds to the amazing amount of tech we already have in the space. This is the first time we have seen a company come into the wearable market with a piece designed for more of an external application.

The majority of technology in the space is comprised of exercising and health trackers, so to have this new innovative piece in the space will likely change the way we view wearables. As the market on wearable tech increases throughout this new year, the most important aspect that will remain a constant is innovation. As we create new technology, the hopes are high that people will be able to better suit the tech to their individual needs.


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