How Is Medical Wearable Industry Changing?


Since the beginning of the computer age, many have been talking about how we can integrate biology with the tech industry. Traditional keyboards and mouses have been a solid way to cross between markets in the past, but there is a large amount of opportunity that is relatively untapped up to this point. Speech recognition is one of the newest ways that businesses have begun to integrate biometric technology into tech.

The issue with this is dedicating amounts of software and computing power to be able to recognize speech. With that said, speech recognition software has gotten quite good over the course of the past five or so years. Combined with better microphone technology, there’s no telling where this market could go. Gesture control has become a new player in the market. This again uses a large amount of computing power to turn gesture into a recognizable form.

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This can be seen in tech as new as the BMW 7 series, can help to bring the integration of biometrics into the physical market. One of the main issues with this becomes the privacy issue. With a growing amount of privacy needed in the space as tech requires more and more personal information, many are becoming uncomfortable with a device tracking so many different metrics about a users body. One of the newest technological players in the market is the of wearable biometric tech.

This industry represents different wearable devices such as the Apple watch and the FitBit. Those devices are becoming increasingly popularized in the market, and show that there are only more things to come. The hopes are high that these new industries and variations on tech will help to bring the digital space even closer with the biological world.


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