Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Mixed Reality HoloLens Benefits Industries


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has continued to roll out its mixed-reality headset HoloLens across various industries in Europe and worldwide. The company has tried to convince enterprises that the HoloLens headset can support companies to come up with innovative ways of working efficiently. The product is now available in more than 39 countries globally including Denmark, Spain, Belgium and Italy.

According to Microsoft, HoloLens have the ability to allow the experts to closely aid technicians on the mining sites including those who are working in the remote areas to carry out their duties more easily by displaying the data virtually in the wearer’s point of view. Today, quite a huge number of companies are adopting the mixed-reality products.

Trimble has collaborated with Microsoft to offer support for development and redesign of HoloLens products. According to Aviad Almagor Director of mixed-reality program at Trimble, HoloLens enables the user to precisely obtain a tabletop scale view to understand the existing relationships between various segments and their impact. The device is also beneficial for those working in harsh environments such as open pit mines that require safety measures.

Most engineers and architects are required to monitor and evaluate the progress of their work in remote areas. With the HoloLens that comprise of 3D geometry, sensor data, and mixed reality, the mining engineers would be able to work on the sites while sitting comfortably in their offices.

According to Microsoft, the HoloLens are not only assisting engineers and architects to work in remote areas, but organizations can also use it train their employees, execute plans for real-world space layouts, and help remote workers to work as one team through collaborative meetings. In addition, the remote instruction capability is essential when communicating with customers. Mixed reality is also significant in enhancing social interactions.

Use of HoloLens has enabled employees to communicate and solve problems that usually take longer time. Currently, the remote instruction with HoloLens is using Skype but Microsoft is building the same capabilities to be available on other platforms including Azure Active Directory by 2019.


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