Microsoft’s New Gaming Cloud Division Gets Ready For The Future Of Xbox


In 1981, Microsoft shipped its first video game dubbed Microsoft Adventure. This was an MS-DOS game which was booting directly from floppy disk making a platform for Microsoft’s explorations in the gaming space. Since then, it has been 37 years and so much has changed, and whenever you think of the efforts Microsoft has made when it comes to the gaming arena, you cannot skip talking about Xbox.

Ready For Future Gaming

In the next few years, you can expect a lot of changes, at least to be fair when talking about how ready Microsoft is. The software giant, Microsoft has launched a new gaming cloud division which is future-ready. In this new venture, consoles and gaming have become so different.

Microsoft has been working on and developing this move for a while now. In the recent few years, it has been inexplicably securing companies that relate to gaming. In 2015, it acquired Havok, in 2017, Simplygon and PlayFab in 2018. Quite sure you haven’t heard about these, but they are essential for Microsoft and its intrepid cloud gaming desires.

Microsoft’s New Team

While Microsoft has been making these acquisitions, it has also been reorganizing its gaming teams while the company gets ready to unveil its gaming platform. Phil Spencer who works for Microsoft as the head of gaming reports directly to the CEO, Satya Nadella. Kareem Choudhry head the company’s new gaming cloud division. Kareem is a Microsoft veteran with 20 years’ experience having worked for DirectX, Xbox engineering, and Outlook.

In an interview with The Verge, Choudhry said that those these conversations began in last summer and that they had started working on the structure of the company by end 2018. This new division is aiming at tantalizing game publishers as well as developers so they can use the cloud services offered by Microsoft.

In the recent past, Ubisoft has used Microsoft’s Azure cloud services crosswise PC, Xbox, as well as PS4 with Rainbow Six: Siege. Even the mobile game Black Desert has been using Azure virtual machines as well as databases. Microsoft is looking forward to more game developers to use its cloud platform, particularly as the games become even more connected to the devices for their multiplayer capabilities.


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