Are Military Applications the Next Big Thing in Wearables?

military technology

A new report has come out showing how the application of military use could potentially be a breakthrough for the wearable tech industry. A team out of Singapore at ST Engineering has developed a new wearable that could be the newest combat tech. The team states that the system “Arielle combines elements such as high-tech helmet and body armour among other wearables which can regulate the body temperature of tomorrow’s fighting forces in real time – which is a boon to forces in sweltering tropic climates.

The helmets comes with a heads up display (HUD) which not only provides protection from shrapnel but allows the soldier to view augmented reality images to communicate, coordinate movement and to track friendly forces.” The system also uses a “person of interest” facial recognition system that seems straight out of a science fiction novel. The system can recognize potential targets and wanted individuals to help the military solider know which target to go for. Officers would also be able to communicate with their soldiers in real time on the screens, so that they could potentially aid in this process.

The system also uses a vest-mounted camera, sensors and a smart watch to all come together to create one extremely useable wearable tech piece. Sensors that are connected to the officer will trigger an alarm when a weapon is drawn, where they can then see what is going on right in the battlefield. The data can be transmitted wirelessly through the system and back to any remote location. The hopes are high that all of this new technology in the market will help across a wide variety of applications whether it be medical, exercising or military. The future will be exciting as more and more of these wearables come into the space.

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