Netatmo Connect Makes Smart Products…Smarter


French tech startup Netatmo just released their new developer platform called Netatmo Connect, build to allow developers to build software and hardware integrations between other Netatmo products. The company makes weather stations, thermostats, indoor and outdoor cameras. The startup managed to raise $32 million when it began in November 2015. Straight off Nest’s decision to expand its Works with Nest program, the French company also wants to integrate smart home tech closer and make a productive step in the right direction.

Netatmo is unique because the company does not rely exclusively on other platforms, such as IFTTT on Apple’s Homekit, and some of its products are compatible with a bunch of other platforms. However instead, the company allows developers to integrate with its devices, using its own unified set of APIs.

There are currently 20 companies and 14,000 developers working with Netatmo’s APIs. The company released today that they are getting more serious with the APIs and are trying to unify all devices. They will use three core areas for their Netatmo Connect. The first product is a weather station called AccuWeather, which uses data points to make weather predictions. The second is SmartHome, which connects the thermostat, indoor and outdoor cameras. It plans on providing triggers and changing the temperature indoors to work with the temperature outdoors.

Finally, Netatmo is ramping up its enterprise customers. The company has plans to work with Engie in France, in order to create a program in which a utility provider can collect data and analyze trends using Netatmo’s thermostats. While this isn’t as “cool” or “exciting” as the company’s other products, Netatmo Enterprise is set to play a pivotal role in the future of the company. If companies don’t want to disappoint eager customers, they have to foster developer programs, or integrate with big name brands by using HomeKit, AmazonEcho, Works, and Nest.


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