New AR Device Changing Wearable Market

wearable digital technology

A new augmented-reality device coming from the startup known as Magic Leap, has helped the company to raise as much as $2 billion from investors without having released a single product. The company just released the information that they will be releasing a headset for developers, but they have yet to state what the price will be or when it will ship.

The company debuted on a new version of their website, a product resembling a pair of black goggles that they are calling the Magic Leap One. The goal of the glasses is to mix in digital images with reality to demonstrate something that is similar to real life, and comfortable to view for long periods of time. Magic Leap has yet to state how it works, but this is quite characteristic of the company.

The startup is based out of South Florida, which is not the usual breeding ground for tech companies. The history of the company shows a large amount of success in the field of creating augmented reality devices. Because of this, many people are excited to see what to unveil next.

Given the secrecy of the company, it is unclear whether or not the device will have to be wired to some sort of computer, and how it will get its power due to the large amount of tech in the device.

The company has stated that the device has a series of sensors that will help to properly place digital objects within the view of the real world, thus making them appear seamlessly integrated with the background. Many large tech companies have decided to start incorporating the ability to use augmented reality tech in their devices. Because of this, the AR industry is continuing to grow at a fast pace.

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