New Biometric May be Met With Criticism

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A mew program based on the technology of biometric identification may be met with a large amount of scrutiny as it is put into place. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s new program to use biometric screening to verify passengers could potentially be a breakthrough in technology and security.

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The report was put out by the Georgetown Law School, and states that the current state of biometric authentication could potentially take the world by storm. If airports around the country are able to accurately utilize this technology, it could change the way we do security for some time.

For those who don’t know, biometric authentication is the use of different biological factors to secure different factors. This could be through the use of fingerprint identification or more recently, facial identification. The report states that ““The privacy concerns implicated by biometric exit are at least as troubling as the system’s legal and technical problems,” the report said. “As currently envisioned, the program represents a serious escalation of biometric scanning of Americans, and there are no codified rules that constrain it.”

The report went on to state that “CBP has operated the pilot program since 2013, aiming to collect biometric information about passengers exiting the U.S. primarily to ensure they don’t overstay their visa, but also to check that they aren’t fraudulently presenting themselves as someone else.”

The report also stated that the facial recognition system is extremely accurate. The hopes are high that this new form of security can help to change the way we do airport security for sometime to come. With the difficulty that airport security often comes with, any form of security that can promise a safer environment for passengers and and the airlines themselves, is something that will likely become popular.


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