New Biometric Sensors Could Help to Make Wearable Tech Devices More Affordable

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As the industry on wearable tech increases by a large amount, one of the main issues continues to be the price of the devices. The Internet of Things age has dawned upon us, and more and more people are trying to get into the wearable space, so as prices go down, the amount of people coming into the industry will increase.

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A team of researchers from Florida A&M University have unveiled their findings in regard to new advanced motion sensors. According to the research “These sensors could bring wearable data collection technology into a new age by making it easier to produce and cheaper to acquire.” Having more cost-effective methods of production could help to bring more individuals into the market who otherwise would not have been involved due to price restrictions.

The new method of using seven-micron thin sheets of pure, durable carbon nanotubes called buck paper, could potentially change the entirety of the market as we know it. If this technology is able to become mass-produced, the price of the devices could drop by a substantial amount. The report states that “Potential applications could include bedsheets for monitoring sleep activity, shoes to track walking and running, or athletic gear for gauging workout performance. Outside of wearables, soft robotic applications could include the production of responsive, self-correcting artificial muscles.”

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This technology is relatively new, so it will need to be tested by a large group before it can be mainstreamed, but it does look quite positive for the market. The hopes are high that the increasing amount of those interested in the wearable market will continue to drive sales up, as well as bring more and more individuals into the space who are looking to find their first piece of wearable tech.


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