New Biometric Tech Fund With Almost $450 Million Invested


Andreessen Horowitz has been one of the big names in the biology and engineering world for quite some time. This new field is something that is increasing very quickly as the technology and capability of these devices increases.

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Horowitz has stated that his new company has taken in over $450 million in investments for different startups in the area. The money will help these new companies working in different biological tech areas to create just that. In an industry that often doesn’t fund the actual scientists, any money will help to create new breakthrough technology. Most of the money for the wearable biometric technology goes to big companies that have the money to produce and manufacture new devices, but the individual tech is not increasing fast enough.

Jorge Conde and Vijay Pande, general partners at Andreessen Horowitz stated that “it’s just the beginning. We believe hat bio today is where information technology was 50 years ago: on the precipice of changing nearly every industry, touching all of our lives.”

This move comes after an initial investment of over $200 million into the bio fund created back in 2015. The projects will help to develop different sectors of the market such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. These up and coming companies are helping to change the industry that binds biology and technology. With new devices being created to help aid fitness tracking as well as the more prevalent sector of disease curing and aiding, new tech is widely needed. With investments as large as this, the popularity of the industry is increasing by a large amount. The hopes are high that investments like these can continue to proliferate the broader tech market into developing tech that helps the individual for day to day tasks.


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