New Biometric Technology Can Read Your Lips

lip reading technology

With the busy world today, the time it takes to unlock a phone or computer can leave valuable seconds at hand while unlocking is a busy process. One of the newest technologies to step on the scene has been that of biometric technology. Biometrics have helped to increase the industry on security.

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Biometric security systems have been a big player in the security industry over the course of the past five years or so, and continue to change the market everyday. One of the newest forms of biometric security has been facial recognition technology. Biometrics have proven themselves as incredibly secure. They have the potential to be a breakthrough for the security industry as they present themselves as an economically beneficial alternative to traditional forms of pin and password systems.

Researchers at the hong Kong Baptist University have been working on different computational learning systems that could be able to read a persons lips, including the shape, texture and movement of their lips, to help form a foolproof system to secure different devices. With the IoT industry becoming incredibly large, it has become more important than ever that devices are secure. Reports of different systems being hacked and data being released to the public has helped to make the public feel a sense of insecurity in the world of verification.


Another research report done by the Florida State University in Tallahassee has helped to show a new form of biometric security could change the way we secure our devices. The report shows a new technology that could turn your smartphone into a sonar device. The technology is known as VoiceGesture, and uses sonar to help interpret different security systems. The hopes are high that this new form of security could help to change the way we secure our devices for time to come.


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