What new Biometrics are Coming to Smart Phones?

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As Apple introduced the new iPhone X towards the end of September, many have been asking the question of how biometrics will continue to change. With the use of facial recognition for things such as paying and unlocking, it appears as though this technology is here to stay.

Apple took a gamble when introducing facial recognition as their current fingerprint technology has worked so well. It is too soon to say exactly, but the only way to correctly implement facial recognition technology is if it works better than the current solution.

Facial recognition is not new however and has been around for quite some time. The technology has been implemented in phones such as the Galaxy S8 by Samsung as well as others.

There are a few issues with this technology as someone could easily spoof the system by holding up a picture of the owner or unlocking it while they are asleep. Apple has combatted this by using an array of sensors such as an infrared light that illuminates your face, and then uses the information to further verify you.

Apple has made the claim that there is a one in a million chance that someone could spoof your phone and it will soon be put to the test.

The technology will fortunately be a huge deal if it ends up working, but quite the opposite if it fails. Apple has often implemented future technology in their devices, and they have in the past stood the test of time. Time will tell however whether or not facial recognition is a gimmick, or something that is here to stay.

The hopes are high that the accuracy of the technology can help to ensure that it will be the safest method of security that is out today.

Now is the time to start looking into this industry. We’ve got a new company that has found itself in the middle of this revolutionary trendand we will soon be delivering more details to cover this for the long-term!


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