New Biometrics Company Biocatch Could Transform the Market in 2018

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The company known as Biocatch is working to integrate into NexSign as the company works on joint technologies. The merger was announced at the conference known as Money20/20 which went on in Las Vegas. The company fit right into the platform as a biometric multimodal authentication platform. The technology by Samsung known as NexSign is the perfect platform due to the fact that it already supports facial, fingerprint, and voice recognition technology for users to have authentication that is better than ever.

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This technology is only made to be an additional layer for security to ensure that data is more secure than ever. In a video posted on the website for the aforementioned company, Biocatch shows off how that new extra security layer can help. Using a mockup of a money transfer app, BioCatch CEO Frances Zelazny shows how the platform is able to identify users based on their typing patterns and how they interact with the phone, given that this is individually based. When the system notes another person trying to conduct a transaction with the device, it immediately shuts down and locks.

This is a biometric sensor as well as one that tracks behavioral patterns, although these two methods of security are incredibly different. This new solution to security could potentially transform the way we perform online transactions. Once the system recognizes that it is not the user that it is supposed to be, it locks up. This system outperforms most forms of traditional security and ends up working eons better than any existing authentication systems. The hopes are high that this new form of security can continue to transform the existing market on authentication. As users come more comfortable with the idea of biometrics, this market will only continue to increase.


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