New Flexible Battery Could Change the Wearable Industry


A new report has come out showing how South Korean scientists have created a type of stretchable aqueous lithium-ion batteries that could help to power the next generation of wearable technology. The device will reportedly use a hybrid carbon/polymer composite to collect the current, where it could then be introduced into a flexible rechargeable battery setting. Kwanyong Seo, professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology stated that “our findings are expected to expand the number of stretchable nano composites with electrochemical and mechanical properties available for use in a wide variety of applications.”

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The devices that have already been out, showing this technology, have received a large amount of media attention, helping to cement their place in the tech world and beyond. The devices that have highly stretchable electrodes with high mechanical durability and high electrical conductivity during deformation will have a great chance at becoming a success in the larger market. According to the report “many methods have been proposed for these electrodes, none of them has managed to simultaneously achieve high stretchability for the electrodes and have a scalable manufacturing process.

The research, led by Professor Soojin Park of UNIST, solved such issues, using a conductive polymer composite, composed of hybrid carbon fillers containing carbon nanotubes and carbon black in a simple solution process. The shape of this structure resembled that of a Jabuticaba tree, the Brazilian grapetree.” This new type of material will likely help to proliferate the entirety of the industry on wearable technology. As the market is able to continue the high amount of innovation and technology, more and more individuals will continue to come into the space. The hopes are high that the industry on wearable tech will continue to grow, helping those who can benefit from these types of devices.


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