How a New Hypoallergenic Wearable Could Change the Industry

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A new device has been created according to a report at the University of Tokyo. This new electronic sensor will be able to be worn for a week or more without causing any discomfort and without needing any external influence. The report states that “hypoallergenic electronic sensor is made up of an elastic electrode and breathable nanoscale meshes. They suggest that it could lead to “the development of non-invasive e-skin devices that can monitor a person’s health continuously over a long period.”

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Many companies have been working to produce this type of technology as wearables have become more important to the routines of our daily lives. The problem is that most of the wearables that are on sale now use rubber to be worn. This becomes an issue, because rubber is not suitable for long-term use. The researches have stated that rubber not only prevents sweating but it also blocks airflow to the skin. This means that skin can easily become irritated amongst other harmful side effects. “We learned that devices that can be worn for a week or longer for continuous monitoring were needed for practical use in medical and sports applications,” said Professor Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering.

The scientists were able to create a device that simply needs a small amount of water, where it then can adhere to the skin and remain for the aforementioned period of time. The tests that they conducted show how there are essentially no side effects to using this type of device, and that it could potentially change how wearables are created and used in our current age. The hopes are high that this new discovery will help to shift the industry to a place where wearables are easier for the consumer to use in their daily lives.


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